Welcome to the next episode in consumer-business interaction and digital analytics – an emerging movement at the intersection of data-engineering and the well-being sciences. Real is developing meaning-making technologies for companies seeking genuine loyalty with customers at a multi-market, life-span scale. Meaning-making has been identified as one of the top digital trends for businesses, though no quantifiable methods, until now, have been established for measuring it. Our humanistic algorithms have been shown in a recent study to produce 3.75x more purchasing compared to Amazon.com and Netflix behavioral recommendation algorithms, and 8x more of the oxytocin sensations associated with the meaningful moments that lead to true customer loyalty.

Enabling Value-Congruence

Science now shows us that when you line up your daily investments of time and money with values that are unique to you, you can create a deeper capacity for well-being. So let's do it.

Deep Data Recommendations

Forget about 'big data' schemes that exploit behavior. We're breaking down the walls between businesses and consumers by deepening satisfaction and building real loyalty. No gimmicks allowed.

Luminous Data

We're integrating research into a unifying metric that will allow businesses to really care about the satisfaction and well-being of its clients. We intend to create a Copernican-like shift in marketing data sciences.

Movie Green-lighting

Using neuroscience and the creative instincts of award-winning experts, we’re designing a new kind of attachment for producers – helping them to make critical decisions at key stages of development.

Big Data, Deep Data, Luminous Data

Big data has revolutionized the way corporations interact with consumers. By looking at vast amounts of information from electronically traced behavior from our on-line clicks, purchases and calls, data scientists can analyze and predict future behaviors of millions of consumers. Deep Data (described in the video above) adds human motivation to Big Data and marks the beginning of a meaningful exchange between businesses and consumers. Luminous Data allows businesses to integrate individual well-being into the bottom line, using visual analytics tools that measures client satisfaction, happiness and flourishing. Deep Data is a big deal, but Luminous data will change everything.