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an emerging movement of user-driven, ideographic economies born in the wake of a faltering global infrastructure. Just a few years ago, this statement may have sounded dramatic and farfetched - but today the financial, environmental, consumer and health crises has moved into a much deeper territory of the American psyche, and many of us have been exposed to a level of systems dysfunction that is both personal and mythic. Yet, with crisis, there is a great opportunity. Our goal as a hybrid social enterprise is to gather the evidence, research and tools needed for thriving during the next phase of change. Stay tuned.

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Stay Tuned

Enabling value-congruence

Science now tells us that when you line up your daily investments of time and money with values that are unique to you, you can create a deeper capacity for well-being. So let's do it.

Integration & common language

We're integrating research needed to encourage confident collaboration between psychologists, economists and individuals as they find new paths toward sustainable well-being and social justice.

Park People

It turns out that contentment is most easily cultivated in the context of environment. We're creating a living lab around the 2-block radius of Central Park to refine what we know about local economies, nature & well-being.

Deep Data

Forget about 'big data' schemes that exploit behavior. The future is in user-driven, ideographic, value-congruent economies of well-being.